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Strategic Investment Planning

Strategic Investment Planning

MAKO applies effective and modern investment management tools, used successfully in major corporations in the world, including some of our customers.

These tools come from a culture of results, critical to the success of the ventures, but applied in accordance with the needs and goals, as well as the maturity level of the organization in project management.

  • CAPEX(“Capital Expenditure Plans”)
  • “Master Plans”;
  • Portfolio Management:
    • Manufacturing;
    • Process;
    • Utilities;
    • Logístics & Materials;
    • HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality)
    • Maintenance;
    • R&D(Research & Development);
    • Engineering Infra-structure.

With clearly defined criteria and premises, these tools are developed and aligned with the customer "business plan", as well as their corporate values (quality, safety, environment, etc).

We build up a set of indicators and "benchmarking" data, to provide a database for the analysis and route correction, when necessary.