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MAKO practices the "Self Directed Working Teams Model", better known as Matrix Structure (or multifunctional).

This model decentralizes the chain of command, increasing the decision-making autonomy and maximizing team capabilities. These modern concepts require a continual improvement of the individual and technical of people´s skills, forming a culture of results aligned with the major changes in the market and in people's lives.

Through the "PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT PLAN - MAKO", we transfer the knowledge and technology of our processes to our team, while providing our people a significant personal and human development. This plan comprises actions of evaluation, training and skills building, as well as partnership and agreements with institutions of technical and higher education. We count on a team of over 100 professionals, with a strong commitment to quality, who have already participated in projects countrywide and worldwide.

Engineers, technicians, construction workers, professionals from different specialties, all available to meet our customer needs.