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MAKO, through its HSE Policy, aims to ensure that its activities have a high level of protection for the health and safety of their employees, customers, suppliers, and community, as well as for the environment.

Through MAKO HSE Program, that includes 5 premises and 22 principles, in addition to their respective tools, MAKO will promote healthy working conditions, will clarify and train their employees on safe working practices, in addition to promote information to control risks in the workplace, and environmental protection.

All employees, from senior management to the operation, are responsible for the safety of his colleagues and subordinates, and to protect the environment in which they have control.

MAKO ensures a commitment to operate with all the documentation and records required by the legislation in force, as well as make the necessary revisions and disseminate the information contained in those documents.

MAKO undertakes to always seek the high standard of excellence in HSE, through continuous improvement, people development, application of best practices at all levels of the Organization.